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Broadcast Personality.Voice Actor. Entrepreneur.

Larry Richert is a radio host and TV personality as well as a Film Writer and Producer.

Work with Larry

Voice Acting

As the Public Address Announcer for the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field and Broadcast Team Member for the University of Pittsburgh Football Network, along with being a spokesperson for many brands over the decades, Larry Richert is a skilled voice actor available for hire.

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Amazing Racer – The Movie (trailer)

Larry co-wrote and co-produced a feature family film called “Amazing Racer” starring Lou Gossett Jr, Charles Durning, Eric Roberts and many more well known stars.

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Yinzer Foods

Everything that you've grown to love about Yinzer Cards and Chocolates is now expanding to specialty foods. Keep posted for exciting news and updates.

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Yinzer Cards

Pittsburgh radio personalities Larry Richert and Jim Krenn have teamed up with cartoonist Rob Rogers to create Yinzer Cards as a way of celebrating the city they love. Join them in sending humorous Pittsburgh greetings to all of your friends and family!

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Yinzer Chocolates

Yinzer Cards partners with Pittsburgh's favorite chocolate brand Sarris Candies to create signature yinzer chocolate bars and specialty items like Pittsburgh Pot Hole Filler chocolate popcorn.

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